August 30, 2010

Past Grants Awarded


Grants Awarded 2016 – 2017

Making Virtual Content a Reality

$530.00 (Brian Reynolds – All Schools)

The Voice 

$2449 (Cathy Bogart & Jill Kuhn – Normandy)

Alternative Classroom Seating

$2058 (John Maxwell & Eileen Meehan – Normandy)

iPads to Facilitate a Home – School Connection

$1655 (Laura Godfray – Normandy)

Flexible Seating with a Focus on Meeting the Needs of Introverted & Overactive Students

$801 (Lindsay Rinehart – Normandy)

Alternative Sound 

$950 (Kristen Thomas – Westerly)

Namaste After School Yoga Practice

$4550 (Anne Ashley – High School)

Village Project Cancer Quilts

$2000 (Bridget McFarland – High School)


Grants Awarded 2015 – 2016

The Power of Better Education with iPads

Golden Award & Mack Award – $460 (Danielle Jeglie, Helen Smith, & Maria Stansbury – All Schools)

Climate Kiosks

$5000 (Char Shyrock – All Schools)

Normandy Green Screen Adventure

Waldron Award – $300 (James Kotora – Normandy)

Artist in Residence

$2500 (Carrie Engelbrecht – Westerly)

Alligator Clips

$93 (Mary Jo Mahall – Westerly)

Up with People Assembly

Maynard Bauer Fund – $1000 (Carol Brajdic, Colin Lackey, & Nancy McLaughlin, Julia Papcke-Russell – BMS)

Vitamix Health Benefits to Bay High School

$2566.52 (Robert Dougherty, Jodi Higgins, & Diana Lee – BHS)

Village Project Cancer Quilts

$1264.49 (Bridgit McFarland – BHS)

Plotter (Large Scale Printer)

$2,899 (Ron Rutt – BHS)

Video Production Studio

$35,000 (BHS)


Grants Awarded 2014 – 2015

Project Buddy

$850 (Megan Basel – Normandy)

First Grade After School Book Club

$830 (Julie Hack & Julie McArn – Normandy)

Family Math Night

$1391.93 (First Grade Teachers Barbara Ayers, Laura Godfray, Julie Hack, Julie McArn, Diane Poretsky, Kristine Ross, Sara Scarvelli, Jen Szelesta, & Emily Williams – Normandy)

One School One Book (OSOB)

$4025 (Normandy & Westerly Literacy Teams, including Lindsey Harris, Christy Knapp, Kelli McMaugh, Debbie Sanson, Alison Volkman, Susan Bish, Debbie Brax, Julie Holland, Annie Hurtuk, Jama Jennings, Eileen Meehan, Lori Reynolds, and Krista Ries)

Global Arts

$1400 (Ann-Marie Young – BMS)

Upgrade to Outstanding

$880 (Eighth Grade Students – BMS)

Electricity & Algebra

$1599 (Carol Brajdic, Anne Budzik, Julia Papcke-Russell, and Camille Sheehan – BMS)

Anatomical Reference Skeleton

$505 (Thomas Schemrich – BHS)


Grants Awarded 2013 – 2014

The Science Lab & Literacy

$532 (Cathy Bogart, Stacey Evans, Jennifer Szelesta – Normandy)

Learning with Movement

$1809 (Beth Drinan & Bing – Normandy & Glenview)

Fostering Reading Fluency & Engaging Developing Readers

$386 (Laura Godfray – Normandy)

Scholastic Magazines & Informational Text

$866 (Danielle Harkins – BMS)

Common Core Reading in Science

$615 (Kelly Mitchell – BMS)


$1000 (Aaron Ereditario – BHS)

The Choral Commission for Treble Choir 

$1200 (Devon Gess – BHS)

History Alive!  Presidents’ Day 2014

$1700 (Dan Sebring – Normandy)

One School One Book (OSOB)

$3750 (Dan Sebring – Normandy)

Outdoor Science Lab Environmental Fair, a 20 Year Birthday Celebration

$1179 (Martha Fisher, Westerly)

PAL (Pupil Assistance in Learning)

$400 (Richard Manderine – BHS)


Grants Awarded 2012 – 2013

PAL (Pupil Assistance in Learning)

$400 (Rick Manderine – BHS)

Discovery Learning Area 

$3200 (Ann Mowery – BHS)

Smart Music Assessment Expansion 

$1330 (Allen – BHS/ BMS)

Wired for Sound

$1000 (Bonnie Altieri – BMS)

Picture Perfect at Glenview

$320 (Glenview)

Bay Vocabulary Initiative

$1500 (Char Shyrock – All Schools)

iPads for Full Day Kindergarten 

$2900 (Debbie Brax – Normandy)


Grants Awarded 2011 – 2012

PAL (Pupil Assistance in Learning)

$300 (Rick Manderine – BHS)

CD Players

$180 (Beth Shiry – Normandy)

Financial Literacy Class

$2500 (Phil Slanina – BHS) – Thompson Award


$200 (Jason Martin & Aaron Eraditario – BHS)

Lois Calmus Memorial Reading Garden Courtyard

$600 (Bonnie Nagel – BHS)

iPads at High School Library


iPads for 6th Grade Math

$1000 (Mark Kevesdy & Lawrence Kuh – BMS)

iPods at Westerly

$2728 (Marianne Harmount – Westerly)

Netbooks in the Normandy Library

$1500 (Linda Noble – Normandy)


Grants Awarded 2010 – 2011

Waldron Award – Bay High Literary Magazine

Publication Software – QuarkXpress 8  $398 (Phillip Slanina – BHS)

Golden Award – iPads for Pre-schoolers

$1734 (Carla Farrington, Sue Satow, Nicholl Karmansky – Glenview)

Flip Cameras

$175 (Eileen Meehan – Normandy)

AccuCut Project

$219.35 (Carla Farrington, Sue Simpson – Glenview)

Harvesting Rainwater

$420 (Martha Fisher – Westerly)

Using iPod Touch for Teaching & Learning, including Geocaching

$3605 (Tim O’Brien, Gary Fitchpatrick – BMS)

Making Compost from Snack Waste

$300 (Lindsay Rinehart – Normandy)

S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

$1421 (Ann Mowery – BHS)

Embroidery Machine and Software

$500 (Joy May – BHS)

Norman Bees on the Net

$3500 (Cathy Bogart, Anne Hurtuk – Normandy)

Kiwanis Partner Awards

Thank you to Bay Kiwanis for their continued support!


$1000 (Jason Martin – BHS)

PAL – Pupil Assistance in Learning

$1000 (Rick Manderine – BHS)

Key Club – Ronald McDonald House

$400 (Michelle Safarz, Megan Grdina – BHS)


25th Anniversary Special Grant Awards Spring 2011

iPads for Special Needs Classrooms and Students

$ 6500 (Marty Patton, Clint Keener – Bay School District)

S.T.E.M Equipment

$3078 (Brian Hill – BMS)

Smart Music Assessment Tools

$1800 (Darren Allen – BHS/BMS)

Geocaching GPS Equipment

$1050 (Gary Fitchpatrick – BMS)


Grants Awarded 2009 – 2010

Waldron Award – Project Pen Pals

$180 (Karen Shapiro – Glenview)

Golden Award – Introducing Flip Videos

$1070 (Lynne Tijanich – Westerly)

Gecko & Habitat

$165 (Lawrence Kuh – BMS)

P.A.L. – Pupil Assistance in Learning

$1,065 (Rick Manderine – BHS)

Educational Games

$792.20 (Lauri Kinkelaar, Stacey Evans, Brenda Donohue – Normandy)

Healthy Choices: Wellness Week at Bay High

$1,000 (Marian Harmount & Anita Bauknecht – BHS)

Using iPod Touch for Teaching and Learning

$4,000 (Tim O’Brien – BMS)

KIWANIS partner award – Celebrating Bay Village’s Bicentennial

$808.76 (Martha Fisher, Kelli McMaugh, Lindsey Harris, Carol Fortney, Kristen Thomas – Westerly)


Grants Awarded 2007 – 2008

Normandy Elementary School:

  • Outdoor Science Exploration: Scientific equipment provided to help 2nd grade students more effectively explore the scientific world outside the school with hands-on learning.
  • Capturing the History of Bay Village: A project in photographing historic landmarks in Bay Village to enhance the current History of Bay Village curriculum.
  • Activotes for the Activboard (wireless Student response system): Partially funded request for Activote hand held devices for the Activboard system to gauge student understanding.  Devices will be used in the library.

Westerly Elementary School:

  • Westerly Counts: An intervention program supporting elementary students at Westerly in basic math skills achievement.
  • Lego Masters (student application): An enhancement of the popular Lego Club and Lego Olympiad by the addition of motorized parts and Simple Machine sets.

Bay Middle School:

  • Stock Market Investing: Utilizing grant money to purchase actual stocks, students are provided with a real world opportunity to invest in the stock market. Students at Bay High and Bay Middle School paired up to invest the grant money with the goal to learn about the stock market as well as help increase funds available to earn income for BVEF to distribute toward future grants. Funded by the Joseph H. Thompson Foundation. 2007-2008 Thompson Economics Education Grant
  • Name That Book: Students of all ability levels read a variety of well-known books purchased through the grant.  The students then participate in an engaging game-like question and answer session using knowledge from the books read.  2007 Waldron Award Winner
  • Qwizdom Interactive Electronic Program (wireless student response system): A highly interactive program that will benefit all students in the 6th grade.  Program allows teachers and/or students to generate questions and give responses in any subject area.  Qwizdom provides an opportunity to use technology for students to receive instantaneous feedback on computational skills and all state academic content standards.

Bay High School:

  • Laser Printer & Flatbed Scanners: Funding for equipment was provided for the art department.  This equipment will provide the teacher and students with a needed resource to produce the highest quality artwork.  It will aid in preparing materials for demonstration and instruction, and it will also be used to produce original artwork.
  • PAL – Pupil Assistance in Learning: Pairing students with disabilities with general education peers to teach social skills in real life situations.   2007 Golden Award Winner

The following grants were funded by Bay Village Kiwanis through their partnership with the Bay Village Education Foundation.  Special thanks goes to the Kiwanis for funding these programs:

  • WINGS – Helping Adolescent Girls to Soar: A program at Bay High School that supports at-risk girls in the ninth grade by providing counseling and positive peer role models.

SmartMusic Choral Assessment: Computerized program helps teachers in student assessment by giving students instant feedback to help improve their vocal skills in the choral classroom at Bay Middle School.